Packing Tips

Write a List
As I travel a lot with work I am forever living out of a suitcase so I always have a little premade list saved to my notes on my phone. Every time I repack for work or go on holiday I just glance over my list to make sure I never forget anything and I never have yet, thanks to my list. Here’s my list so you can use this as a template and either add other bits or delete bits out you don’t use etc. Hope it helps…

Battery Pack
Beach Bag
Bras/Sports Bra
First Aid Kit
Guide Book
Gym Kit
Hair Brush
Headband/Hair Ties/Slides
ID Badge (for work)
Make Up & Brushes
Manicure Kit
Nail Polish
Sewing Kit
Shoes/Flip Flops
Travel Documents
Uniform (for work)

Beauty Oil
Eye Cream
Fake Tan / Mitt
Foot Cream
Hair Spray / Wax
Hand & Cuticle Cream
Insect Repellent
Make Up Wipes
Manicure / Tweezer Set
Nail Polish / Nail Polish Remover
Shaving Cream
Shower Gel
Sun Cream
Toothbrush / Toothpaste

Packing Accessories
I brought some packing cubes recently and they’re amazing! They organise your suitcase and keep all your clothes neatly folded or rolled (whichever your prefer). You can pick up packing cubes on eBay dirt cheap! I bought a pack of 6 funky leopard print ones for approximately ÂŁ7. I usually use the large cube for all my clothes, a small one for my underwear and a medium one for swimwear, kaftans etc. You may find a better way but that’s what I find best for me.

I also have some Cath Kidston drawstring shoe bags (you can get other drawstring bags, but I like the patterns lol) which are great for keeping your shoes and flip flops in, if you have really smelly feet put your shoes in a carrier bag, and then into the drawstring bag as this stops the rest of your case getting smelly. The Cath Kidston shoe bags are ÂŁ7 and I normally can fit 2-3 pairs in each depending on which types of shoes they are.

When packing a case I always make sure I pack some laundry bags to keep my dirty clothes seperate from my clean ones, and also makes it easier when you get home as you can just tip the bags into your laundry basket at home. I just use some soap and glory drawstring bags that came with some Christmas gift sets, however you can just use carrier bags if you want.

If like me you have a million bracelets, a watch and earrings etc, rather than chucking them in your case, I use a small purse to store them in. I picked up a little purse/mini make up bag from H&M and use it as a travel jewellery case. Cath Kidston again do a wide range of different styles and sizes, from bags, wallets and cosmetic cases all of which can be used to store anything you want, and helps protect your belongings.

When travelling to far flung places you should consider taking a small first aid kit with some essentials like paracetamol, plasters, imodium, travel sick tablets (I don’t travel well on boats lol). I have again a small Cath Kidston pencil case which I use to store all my tablets and plasters in. Sometimes when your in certain countries there can be a language barrier, and also if your not feeling 100% the last thing you are going to want to do is go traipsing around somewhere your not familiar with, trying to find a pharmacy! So just take a few supplies of what you think you might need.

You should always take an adapter when going abroad, if you can try and invest in a universal one, as this will cover most places, and if your travelling around a few places at once, it will save on space and weight in your bag. I bought one a while back from Victoria Secret and it came in a pretty storage case, it hasn’t failed me yet. I haven’t seen them recently in stores however you may be able to pick one up online or something similar.

Packing Methods
All space should be utilised when packing, use all the space available in your case and try and pack clever. Work out exactly what you need when packing and try not to over pack (I’ve done this so many times and still do) work out and plan your outfits for each day your away! If your travelling or backpacking remember you can get your clothes cleaned while your travelling or invest in a Scrubba wash bag which means you can wash your clothes on the go and won’t cost you anything, also pick up some concentrated detergent. You can buy all these types of products on line and will help you if you are travelling for while.

I normally roll my clothes as this stops them getting really creased although sometimes from time to time I find it better to fold my clothes depends on what bag and what clothes I have, but normally i find it best to roll clothes as saves space too. Check out some you tube videos online as they have some great space saving ideas.

If your really stuck for space and have trainers packed, put smaller items your packing into sandwhich bags and put them in your trainers to utilise every bit of space you have. This can also be done with handbags too.

Toiletries & Liquids
I am the toiletry queen, I absolutely love products, however when travelling I have to be strict with myself, as I don’t need to take every single product with me. I now just take the essentials. Try and get products that are 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 etc, for example I use to take body lotion, hand cream and foot cream! I know it’s excessive, but now I just take a body lotion rather than 3 different products.

If you can get a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner then that saves on space and weight too, however I normally opt for Lush solid shampoos and conditioners, they’re great for travelling and last ages and are compact, you can also buy some travel tins for them too. If you are really tight on space you can also opt to use the hotel toiletries, if you are staying in a hotel they will always have shampoo and shower gel, you can always contact them ahead to check what they provide. If your staying in hostels and guest houses they probably won’t supply these however, I’ve stayed at some hostels before which you could purchase shower gel and shampoo from.

Check out lush for other great products and if your stuck on liquid restrictions you can also get solid cleansing balms, moisturising balms, deodorants and toothpaste. Lush have also started doing shower gel sheets made out of mango skin and they’re amazing! I have also used their FUN shower gel, as it’s a play dough consistency and I put it in one of their travel tins as this also doesn’t count as a liquid!

Bodyshop also do an amazing camomile cleansing butter, again it doesn’t count as a liquid and is great for cleansing and removing make up, and is lightweight and doesn’t take up much room!

Something else to do when taking liquids is to down size into small containers and bottles. You can buy some really small spray bottles off eBay for ÂŁ1 and they’re only 20ml, I’ve also brought small pots that are 5ml and 10ml before (roughly the size of contact lense cases). Boots also sell stackable mini pots too. These are great if if you have liquid restrictions with carry on luggage or if you don’t need a lot of a particular product or to minimise luggage weight. You can either buy these on eBay, boots and Superdrug etc, or see if a make up counter has any sample pots, or if you wear contact lenses you may have some spare cases.

Go Digital
Where you can go digital, try using electronic apps for tickets and other travel documents to save carrying around a million bits of paper. If your travelling with someone, maybe send them the documents too, just incase anything happens to your device. I still have a small travel documents file which I do carry for passport, boarding cards etc, and with my job I have a few bits of paper I need to carry around, so always best just to have a small one just to keep any bits of important paperwork safe.

Try also downloading books and magazines too, to save carrying around more weight.

Most phones now do everything so if you can try and take just one device which you can use for social media, calls, take photos, read, watch films and listen to music on. It’s better to not take too many expensive gadgets with you as it makes you more of a target to theft.

If your battery runs low quite quick maybe invest in a battery pack, i picked up one in Cath Kidston which is small and compact (yes I like Cath Kidston, can you not tell yet lol).

I hope this post has been helpful, let me know what you think and if there’s anything you would like me to add!

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